Thursday, April 1, 2010

QB Blake Joseph: An underrated gem

The 2010 NFL Draft class of quarterback is filled with high profile college quarterbacks, two Heisman Trophy winners, and many who had long careers at there respectful school. But just because a quarterback went to a high profile college program doesn’t mean he will be successful at the next level. There are many starting quarterbacks in the NFL that didn’t go to high profile college programs, and in this years draft there are some under the radar quarterbacks to keep your eye on.

One of under the radar quarterbacks is Sam Houston State’s Blake Joseph, who started his career at Houston and then transferred last year to Sam Houston State for his final year of eligibility.

At Sam Houston State this past season Joseph passed for 2,440 yards and 14 touchdowns, completing 61 percent of his passes and only throwing 6 interceptions. He also ran for 292 yards and 5 touchdowns. Joseph workout at Houston Pro Day and measured in at 6-1.5, 218 pounds, he ran the 40 yard dash in 4.75 seconds, the short shuttle in 4.37 seconds. He measured a 28.5 inch vertical jump, an 8-foot-8 inch broad jump and did 17 reps of 225 pounds.

But his workout number weren’t what the NFL scouts came to see, it was how he threw the football. Joseph had been working with quarterback coach Terry Shea, yes the same quarterback coach that worked with Oklahoma quarterback Sam Bradford, who could be the number one overall pick and last season worked with two first round quarterbacks, number one overall pick Matthew Stafford, and Josh Freeman.

Shea who scripted and was on hand for Bradford workout in Oklahoma also did the same for Joseph workout. Shea thought that Joseph had a very good workout at Houston.

“Blake did a very good job at his workout, he handled the pressure very well and that can be difficult when you are throwing against air sometimes and all the NFL scouts are watching you, I have seen quarterback crumble but Blake held his own,” said Shea. “He showed very good arm strength driving the football up the field. He has a very talent arm and showed good footwork.”

Joseph workout consisted of 6 spot throws and 45 scripted passes. Joseph thought the workout went good as well.

“I thought it went well, I think I did a good job throwing the football,” said Joseph.

Joseph knows what the work he put in with Coach Shea paid off at his Pro Day.

“Before I went to workout with him, I heard a lot of good things about him, and everyone talked highly of him,” said Joseph. “He really helped me with my drops, both my 5 and 7 step, as well as my footwork and getting in balance.”

Joseph has the arm strength to make all the NFL throws and is a good overall athlete to move around in the pocket and avoid the pass rushers and can also pick up yards running the football. But he knows he can always get better.

“You can always get better at everything, I want to work on my drops more and getting more comfortable in those,” Joseph said.

Coach Shea just thinks that Blake just needs to feel more comfortable dropping back, but has all the tools to play in the NFL.

“He just needs to feel comfortable dropping back, making sure he is balance, he can continue to grow in his touch (throwing the football), but has the raw arm strength and is polished throwing the football with nice tightness,” said Shea.

Joseph is very good leader and is a team player and in 2008 even played some wide receiver at Houston to help the team and get on the field.

“I just want the opportunity to make a team and be able to come in and compete for a job,” said Joseph.

Joseph will get that opportunity where he is drafted or signs as a free-agent.

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