Monday, April 5, 2010

How the McNabb trade effects the draft.

With the news that the Philadelphia Eagles traded quarterback Donovan McNabb to the Washington Redskins, not only is Washington getting a possible Hall of Fame type quarterback but now the impact of the NFL Draft will be felt.

Now with the Redskins have their quarterback there is no shot that they will draft Notre Dame quarterback Jimmy Clausen, if like we figure the St. Louis Rams draft Sam Bradford number one overall. The Redskins will most likely draft the best offensive tackle at number four hoping that Russell Okung of Oklahoma State is still there.

So the biggest question mark is where does Clausen go, well right now it looks like he will be available for the Buffalo Bills to select him with the ninth overall pick, but if he doesn’t go there how far will he fall. Would the Jacksonville Jaguars think about him at number ten? Or what about the San Francisco 49ers and one of their two first round picks if they are not sold on Alex Smith. Then there is always the Oakland Raiders, and we know they where looking at Donovan McNabb. A dark house could be the Kansas City Chiefs, since Clausen’s former head coach Charlie Weis is now the offensive coordinator and he has been all around the country working out college quarterback so that tells me they are not sold on quarterback Matt Cassel.

The other person in this situation is Jason Campbell and where does he go now, the Redskins don’t have to trade him, but I would think that they would want to. Some dentations for him could be Buffalo, Jacksonville, Carolina, Cleveland, or even Oakland. We have to see, but things now are getting more interesting.

Another note of interest, the Eagles only have two quarterbacks on their roster, so expect them to draft one late, or sign a few as un-drafted rookie free-agents.

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