Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Why did Carroll go to Seattle

We all know by now that Pete Carroll is going from USC to the Seattle Seahawks to try to turn the Seahawks back to the winners they where just a few years ago. The biggest questions are why now, why Seattle? Here are some reasons to look at:

1. Possible USC discipline – The USC basketball program has already implemented self-imposed sanctions on its program for violating NCAA rules in connection with star player OJ Mayo. On the football side there is the highly public Reggie Bush on going investigation, and right before the bowl game there was issue with running back Joe McKnight driving around in his girlfriend SUV. With these two issues in the football program nothing might happen to USC but there is heighten awareness.

2. Control – Carroll never had the control with the New York Jets or the New England Patriots that he will have with the Seattle Seahawks. We still don’t know what his title will be, but we do know he will have some say if not the final say on personal matters and possible controlling who the Seahawks draft.

3. Two first round picks – The Seahawks have there own first round pick which is number 6th overall and Denver first round pick which is 14th overall, so that is two of the top fourteen picks in the 2010 NFL Draft. The Seahawks do have some talent on the roster right now and will get some good young talent in the draft.

4. The West Coast – He has enjoyed success at USC on the west coast in California and now moves to Seattle also on the west coast, I don’t think it was a major factor but it was a bonus.

5. Owner – The Seahawks owner in Paul Allen, who will give Carroll all the resources he needs and is willing to spend the money to help the Seahawks get backs to the Super Bowl.

Well now Pete Carroll will have an opportunity to prove all the people that are saying that college coach can’t be successful in the NFL and his style of coaching wont work in the NFL wrong. The Seahawks fans are hoping he will do that and do it quickly.

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