Monday, January 25, 2010

Senior Bowl: Players to watch this week

Here are some of the players to watch is this years Senior Bowl.

QB Tim Tebow, Florida – Tebow has a lot to prove and can do a lot to his draft stock this week.

QB Dan LeFevour, Central Michigan – LeFevour with a good week of practice and the game can get up in the 2nd round.

QB Jarrett Brown, West Virginia – NFL Scouts want to know if he is a one year wonder, and can he be an NFL quarterback.

QB Tony Pike, Cincinnati – Pike with a good week of practice and good game could solidify himself as the number four quarterback in this years draft.

RB Anthony Dixon, Mississippi State – Dixon is a battle to see who will be the next senior running back drafted after CJ Spiller.

RB Dexter McCluster, Mississippi – McCluster is a do it all type of player, but his size is a big question mark and how his small frame can handle the pounding against much bigger players will go a long way to see where he will get drafted.

RB Montario Hardesty, Tennessee – Hardesty had a very good senior season, but teams want to find out did he just turn it on this season because he knew the NFL was his next stop. He can answer a lot of questions this week.

WR Brandon LaFell, LSU – With a good week of practice and a good game, LaFell can show NFL teams that he belongs in the 1st round of the draft and he is the best senior wide receiver.

WR Mardy Gillyard, Cincinnati – NFL scouts want to see Gillyard route running improve and he can do a lot to cement his draft grade this week.

OL Vladimir DuCasse, UMass – I have heard one NFL team has him rated as a late first round pick, DuCasse will have to answer a lot of questions this week going against the higher level of competition.

DE Jerry Hughes, TCU – Scouts will work out Hughes as a linebacker and defensive end this week to see what his true NFL position is.

DE Antonio Coleman, Auburn – Coleman with a good week of practice and game can move his draft stock up since it has slipped this entire season.

DE Brandon Graham, Michigan – Graham doesn’t have great height but is a good overall football player, some team have him graded as a late 1st round pick while other have him more in the late 2nd round, this is a big week for him.

DT Terrence Cody, Alabama – If he has a good week of practices he can lock in a 1st round grade from NFL teams.

LB Eric Norwood, South Carolina – Norwood is a good overall football player, the question is, what defensive does he fit best in a 3-4 defense or a 4-3 defense. NFL scouts hope to have that question answered after this week.

CB Javier Arenas, Alabama – Arenas can separate himself from the other second group of cornerbacks with a good week.

S Taylor Mays, USC – Mays came into the season with a high first round grade but inconsistencies with his ability in coverage and reading the plays this season has drop his stock will need a big week to raise that back up.

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