Thursday, January 28, 2010

Senior Bowl: Wednesday Notes

QB Dan LeFevour, Central Michigan: He has shown good athleticism and football and a strong arm he has been the most impressive quarterbacks overall so far at the Senior Bowl.

QB Sean Canfield, Oregon State: Doesn’t have the strongest arms, but has nice foot work and is a good overall athlete.

RB Legarrette Blount, Oregon: He has shown good down hill running ability, and more importantly he has answer the charter questions that the NFL teams have had. It has been a positive week so far for him.

WR Jacob Ford, Clemson: He has shown speed and quickness and done a good job running routes, and catching the football.

DT Jared Odrick, Penn State: Odrick has shown both power and quickness this week and done a good job in bull rushing, but also has shown good feet.

LB Daryl Washington, TCU: Washington has shown the speed, quickness and athleticism to make plays all over the field, some fell he might has moved himself up into the late first round.

QB Zac Robinson, Oklahoma State: Robinson senior year didn’t go as he would have liked it and really dropped down the draft boards of many teams but has had a great week of practice and has been the best quarterback on the South team.

RB Dexter McCluster, Mississippi: McCluster is very small framed player and many have questioned can he stay healthy in the NFL, but he has done a great job this week answer those questions. He has been impressive, not only running the football, but catching it and being able to run routes like a wide receiver.

RB Ben Tate, Auburn: Tate has done a good job overall, running the football, catching it and in pass protection I guy who has helped himself this week.

WR Riley Cooper, Florida: Cooper has dropped some catchable passes but has made some very impressive catches and just need to be more consistent with his hands, because he is a big receiver and shown the ability to be physical this week.

DT Dan Williams, Tennessee: There where questions about if Williams was a one year wonder, but this week he has shown good feet as well as good hands inside and has the ability to be a defensive tackle or nose tackle.

LB Darryl Sharpton, Miami: Sharpton is a little short at under 6 foot but has shown good athleticism and the ability to possible play outside linebacker as well as middle linebacker.

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