Saturday, January 23, 2010

New York Jets at Indianapolis Preview

Well a month ago many people didn’t even think that the Jets would make the playoffs and now they are one game away from the Super Bowl, and have to travel to Indianapolis and take on the Colts and the NFL’s MVP Peyton Manning. Well the match-up is the Colts offense one of the best in the NFL against the number one defense in the New York Jets. It is New York Jets cornerback Derelle Revis who many people thought was the defensive player of the year against Manning and the Colts receivers, including wide receiver Reggie Wayne and tight end Dallas Clark, both Pro Bowl players.

People say that a great defense will be beat a great offense, well in the this game we have both so we will see if that is correct. The Jets want to run the football with running backs Thomas Jones and Shonn Greene and they have been effective this season doing that and should be able to run the football against the Colts. The Jets won’t ask rookie quarterback Marc Sanchez to do anything but manage the game and not turn the football over, but to do that they can’t get down early. On defense the Jets will blitz Manning and the Colts offense and try to get them to turn the football over to allow them to have a short field.

When the Colts have the football they know that the Jets are coming on the blitz and they will try to take away Manning number one target in wide receiver Reggie Wayne with cornerback Derelle Revis and force his young receiver to make plays. Last week the Baltimore Ravens wanted to run the football and the Colts defense stepped up and made the plays in the running game and I expect them to do that this week as well.

For the Jets to win the need to make plays in the passing game against the Colts young cornerbacks, if Sanchez is able to do that they the Jets will have a chance. But I expect the crowd noise and the pass rushers of the Colts namely defensive ends Dwight Freeney and Robert Mathis to make that very difficult and to help the Colts win the game and head to the Super Bowl.

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