Friday, January 15, 2010

Arizona at New Orleans Preview

The Arizona Cardinals coming off there huge win last Sunday against the Green Bay Packers head down to New Orleans to take on a Saints team that has been struggling the last month of the season. After the Saints lost to the Cowboys they kind of went into a tail spin and lost their final two games after that lost. Everyone is saying that the Saints are done and that the Cardinals coming off that amazing game have all the momentum. Well there are two very simple but very keep factors, the Saints are at home, and they Saints have quarterback Drew Brees.

I expect this game to be just like the Cardinals last game against the Packers, high scoring and down to the wire. But this week the Cardinals will not be at home with the home crowd, like they where last week. Since both teams will be looking to throw the football, we need to look at who has the better cornerbacks and safeties, and not just the starters because both teams will look to go to the three and four wide receivers set. When you look at the Saints have the edge, not only to do they have better starters in the secondary the Cardinals but their nickel and dime packages are better.

In my option Saints safety Darren Sharper will have to be the difference maker for the Saints to win, and I believe that he will as the Saints move on to the NFC Championship game.

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