Friday, January 15, 2010

Baltimore at Indianapolis Preview

Everyone has talked that since the Colts rested their starters the last two weeks of the regular season that they will lose this week, well not so fast. The Colts still have one of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history in Peyton Manning, and the Ravens are going to have to beat him and the Colts. The Ravens have a very good running game and there plan will most likely try to run the football and keep Manning and the Colts offense off the field. Ravens running back Ray Rice will need to have another performance like he did last week against the Patriots for the Ravens to move on to the AFC Championship game.

The Ravens won last week not only because they did a great job running the football but they put pressure on Tom Brady and forced him to make mistakes as he turned the football over four times. If the Ravens force Manning to turn the football over four times they will be in a great position to move on. But I don’t see this happing, Manning has something that Brady didn’t have last week his number two receiver in tight end Dallas Clark. The Colts have more weapons in the passing game then the Patriots and they will look to take advantage of the Raven thin secondary on Saturday night.

In my option the NFL’s MVP Peyton Manning will be the difference maker as the Colts move on to the AFC Championship game.

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