Monday, January 11, 2010

5 Text Messages from NFL Scouts

1. Surprised that QB Jeven Snead declared we have him a 4th round grade right now.

Comment: I was surprised as well, but I do think he will be drafted higher then in the 4th round.

2. We don’t expect the Rams to draft DT N. Suh (Nebraska) with the # 1 pick.

Comment: This is an interesting thought, and I have heard the same thing coming out of St. Louis, but we are along way from April.

3.We have both big time senior WR’s as 2nd round grades.

Comment: Unless Brandon LaFell or Mardy Gilyard have outstanding All-Star game weeks, NFL Combine weeks or Pro Day workouts I agree that they are more likely to be 2nd round picks.

4. Despite ESPN report, we don’t have a 1st round grade on QB Tim Tebow.

Comment: Chris Mortensen reported that he had heard from at least 6 teams that Tebow would be a 1st round pick, as much as I respect and enjoy Mortensen reporting I don’t expect Tebow to be a 1st round pick, but all it does it take one team to fall in love with him. But I don’t think he grades out to be a 1st round type of quarterback.

5. QB Levi Brown from Troy is a QB to watch and could get drafted in the 4th round.

Comment: Brown is a rising quarterback prospect that will play in the Texas vs. the Nation game and has good size at around 6-4 230, so we will see what he looks like in an All-Star game setting.

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  1. Interesting, but color me skeptical that this "information" comes from real NFL scouts.