Monday, October 18, 2010

VanFulpen's College Football Poll

1. Oregon (6-0) – This Thursday they play UCLA at home and let see if they can hold on to the number one ranking.

2. Boise State (6-0) – Boise State just has to hope that Virginia Tech and Oregon State can have a good season this year.

3. TCU (6-0) – TCU wins again, they are waiting for their only test left for the season November 6th against Utah.

4. Oklahoma (6-0) – Oklahoma is a very good team and in the BCS standings they are number one.

5. Auburn (7-0) – Great game this Saturday and Auburn takes on LSU.

6. LSU (7-0) – Can they stop Cam Newton and Auburn this upcoming Saturday.

7. Michigan State (7-0) – They have to travel outside the state of Michigan this Saturday to take on Northwestern.

8. Alabama (6-1) – They just have to hope that teams head of them lose.

9. Utah (6-0) – Utah should be undefeated when the go in their game against TCU, November 6th.

10. Wisconsin (6-1) – A huge win this Saturday against Ohio State.

11. Ohio State (6-1) – Ohio State didn’t play well when they traveled to Wisconsin and still have to travel to Iowa.

12. Stanford (5-1) – They still have to take on Arizona which should be a good game.

13. Arizona (5-1) – They still have Stanford and Oregon on their schedule.

14. Iowa (5-1) – A big game against Wisconsin this Saturday.

15. Nebraska (5-1) – Nebraska needs to bounce back from the Texas loss and get ready for a very good Oklahoma State team.

16. Florida State (5-1) – Florida State might be able to run the table and depending on what happens have an outside shot at playing for a National Title.

17. Oklahoma State (6-0) – A huge game this Saturday against Nebraska.

18. Missouri (6-0) –A huge game this Saturday against Oklahoma.

19. West Virginia (4-1) – Clearly the best team in the Big East.

20. South Carolina (4-2) – A huge let down against Kentucky this past Saturday.

21. Arkansas (4-2) – They hope to get quarterback Ryan Mallett back soon.

22. Miami (FL) (3-2) – They can get rolling in the next few weeks in the ACC.

23. Texas (4-2) – A huge win against Nebraska this past Saturday.

24. Kansas State (5-1) – A bounce back win against Kansas.

25. Michigan (5-2) – They can’t only win one Big Ten game like they did last year can they?

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