Friday, July 16, 2010

Power Ranking Number 19: Washington Redskins

Quarterback Donovan McNabb has gone from the face of the franchise of the Philadelphia Eagles to the face of the Washington Redskins, he will make the Redskins a better team but get them to the playoffs that is a stretch. He still is one of the better quarterbacks in the NFL, but doesn’t have a ton of weapons around him to help him out. Running Back Clinton Portis and wide receiver Santana Moss have been the Redskins offensive stars for the past few years and McNabb and the Redskins are hoping that they still have some magic left in them. To help out Portis and the running game, the Redskins brought in Larry Johnson and Willie Parker, both who have seen better days as featured running backs, but the team is hoping that they still have some gas left in the tank. The wide receiving core has some young players in Devin Thomas and Malcolm Kelly, but both haven’t lived up to where they where drafted but the Redskins are hoping the McNabb can help their development. Tight end Chris Cooley is still the Redskins best receiver when it comes to catching the football and look for McNabb to use him often in the season.

The saga between the Redskins and defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth has been well documented, he will be a Redskin when training camp opens up and they hope he can be the dominating player that he has been in the past. Outside linebacker Brian Orakpo was the Redskins best rusher last season and had 11 sacks and they expect him to even be more productive this season going into his second year in the league. Linebacker London Fletcher is still a very productive player who doesn’t get the resignation that he deserves.

By getting McNabb the Redskins have done two things, one it has made them a better team and two it has weakened the Philadelphia Eagles. Right now it doesn’t make them a playoff team, but they are heading in that direction.

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