Friday, February 26, 2010

NFLPA to Sponsor new College Football All-Star game.

The NFLPA will sponsor a new college football all-star game with the same organization that has put on the Pro Football Hall of Fame Texas vs. the Nation Game for the past four years, which is headed by President and CEO Kenny Hansmire.

The location and date have yet to be determined and the game is currently in negotiations with FOX Sports about a possible television contract. With the NFLPA being the headline sponsor of the game, you could expect to see retired NFL coaches and former NFL players being heavily involved.

The staff that has showcased the Texas vs. The Nation All-Star Game will be responsible for coordinating the event and roster selection, which includes John Murphy, who is currently the Director of Player Personnel for the Calgary Stampeders and has ties to the NFL Draft Bible.

There will be a selection committee announced in the spring that will be comprised of a small group of former NFL personnel, the interview process has already begun.

Be sure to check back for exclusive updates on this game as more information becomes available.

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